Pink Pockets – The Simple Solution

Hi Friends!

I’m pleased to announce the new solution for dealing with surgical drains following surgery – whether it be be a mastectomy or breast procedure or tummy tuckĀ  or whatever. These surgical procedures often result in the instertion of drains by your surgeon to hasten the healing process. And thank goodness for this technology for it rapidly reduces recovery times and incidences of infection but these drains are very uncomfortable and inconvenient. Take it from me – an 18 month breast cancer survivor who has undergone a bilateral mastectomy (resulting in 4 post-op surgical drains for 14 days) with 2 rounds of reconstruction (the second, resulting in 2 drains for 8 days). So I know a little about what I am talking about here.

Visit my web site – to purchase some of these fantastic drain pockets for yourself or someoneyou know who may be undergoing surgery. Recuperate in comfort. No need for expensive garments – Pink Pockets offer a flexible and convenient way for you to hold these uncomfortable drains inside your own clothing. Patients are amazed at the ingenuity: “Why didn’t someone think of this idea sooner?”

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